Communication Services In Canada

While traveling anywhere in the world, people always like to keep in contact with their near ones. When visiting or traveling Canada, you can always keep in touch with all and near ones as the country provides a good standard of communication services. This article shares brief information on communication services in Canada.

The phone system in Canada operates in similar way to that of the United States phone system. Phone numbers generally consists of 10-digits. The first three digits are the area code followed by the seven-digit local number. To make long distance call out of the local area, you need to dial "1" and then the three-digit area code as well as the seven-digit local number. For making an international call from Canada, you must first dial 011 followed by the country code and then the area code and number. Phone books provide list of North American area codes and frequently called international country codes. For operator assistance one can dial 0 and as for directory assistance dial 411. To reach police, fire as well as ambulance services in an emergency, you need to dial 911. Let’s discover more about the communication services in Canada.

Canadian communication services provide a good assistance to the international visitors or travelers/tourists in this country. Visitors will find pay phones at different places including airports, bus stations, hotels, shopping malls, and on some street corners. Most of the pay phones in Canada accept calling cards as well as credit cards. At a pay phone local calls in Canada will vary from $0.25-$0.35 CDN for three minutes. One can find all the instructions for local as well as long-distance calls on the phone and in the front pages of the phone book. But mobile phone coverage in Canada will vary depending on the kind of mobile phone you are using. 

Visitors will find post offices in different places of Canada. They will also discover many retail postal outlets conveniently located in most of the drugstores, as well as at shopping malls. Mailing a standard post card within Canada will cost you $0.54 CDN. But mailing it to US is will cost you $0.98 CDN and $1.65 CDN for all other international destinations. However, all postage rates are calculated according to the size and the weight of your letter or parcel. Most Canadian cities have cybercafés and coffee shops that offer wireless internet access to their patrons. Hotels also offers wireless internet for guests and public libraries offer free access to the internet for limited periods of time. This is how communication services in Canada serve a good assistance to their travelers.  

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