Currency For Canada

Currency for Canada includes dollars ($) and cents (¢) which is similar to the US, Australia as well as New Zealand. In Canada you will also find one- & two-dollar coins, which is often known as the "loonie" and the "toonie" respectively. You will find paper money in different colors and designs. The most common are $5 bills (blue), $10 bills (purple), $20 bills (green), $50 bills (red) and $100 bills (brown). When traveling to Canada one requires having Canadian currency. Almost all the hotels, stores or restaurants will accepts US dollars though sometimes at a lower exchange rate than at banks or airports.

Big hotels in Canada will also offer you lower exchange rates similar to those at the bank. But it is always a good idea to exchange some of your local currency Canadian dollar or currency before going to Canada. Though you can exchange money there yet is better to have currency for Canada before leaving home. When traveling in Canada, you can exchange your money at any recognized financial institution, bank, trust company or currency exchange in Canada. Most of the major stores, hotels or restaurants will provide facility to exchange money and more often they offer lower exchange rates in comparison to financial institution.

We have already mentioned about the currency used in Canada, but talking about exchanging currency in Canada, major credits cards including American Express, MasterCard as well as Visa are widely accepted in Canada. In fact, your financial institution at home will automatically make the currency exchange before you receive your monthly statement. But one should ensure that they contact their credit card company beforehand. In short let the company know they you will use your card overseas. When traveling Canada you can also used ATM, in fact using ATM is the easiest and simplest way to access cash while traveling abroad.

Most of the international bankcard systems which include Interac, Plus, Cirrus as well as Maestro, will work at most ABMs in Canada. They will be at banks, stores, airports and various other locations. You can find them conveniently. Moreover, you can also get money advances on your credit card at an ABM. But sure that to informed your home bank that you are going to used your bank card in Canada so to know whether any special conditions and withdrawal limits may apply. You can also used travelers’ cheques as most of the Canadian restaurants, hotels and stores will accept small-denomination Canadian Dollar traveler’s cheques. The above article briefly describes the currency for Canada and how you can exchange your money while traveling Canada.     

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