Embassies In Canada

Canada is large country and is one of the major tourists or travelers destinations. One can always find a perfect spot in this country to have a perfect vacation. Some places in Canada provide provocative village exploration, while tradition, culture, and history present an attractive atmosphere. Some of the best holiday spots in Canada include Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and Calgary. Canada hosts various embassies, consulates and high commissions that provide assistance to foreign travelers. The following article shares precise information about embassies in Canada.

As mentioned above, Canadian embassies in Canada provide assistance to foreign travelers. While traveling if you need help with documentation for instance replacing or extending visa, or help regarding legal, medical or emergency matters, you can contact your country's diplomatic mission or embassy/consular office in Canada. However, US travelers to Canada can contact their US consulate in Canada. In fact there are many embassies in Canada that helps and provide assistance to international visitors or travelers.

For the American travelers and visitors, they can contact US consulate or embassy to access services and information regarding passports, foreign births, customs requirements, taxes and social security. They can direct call at this 1-800-529-4410 (toll free) from the US to get required information and help. Moreover, American travelers can visit the U.S Department of State to find out and search for US embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions located in Canada.    

There are many foreign embassies in Canada which includes Afghani Embassy, Albanian Embassy, Algerian Embassy, Argentinean Embassy, Australian Embassy, Austrian Embassy, Bangladesh Embassy, Belgian embassy, Brazilian embassy, Bulgarian Embassy, Cameroonian Embassy, Chinese Embassy, Colombian Embassy, Costa Rican Embassy, French Embassy, Greek Embassy, Indian Embassy, Indonesian Embassy, Italian Embassy, Japanese Embassy, Jamaican Embassy, Jordanian Embassy, Kenyan Embassy, Kuwaiti, Irish Embassy, Iranian Embassy, Iraqi Embassy, Hungarian Embassy, Israeli Embassy Jordanian Embassy, Haitian Embassy, Finnish Embassy, German Embassy and many more. You will also find embassies of Canada in different places of the world. These embassies of Canada in other nations provide assistance to Canadian travelers.

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