Medical Services In Canada

Traveling in Canada could be a real fun if you are fit and fine. Before planning to travel Canada one needs to review their health plan to see whether they coverage extends to travel outside their home country. In fact one must be sure to obtain travel health insurance before visiting Canada. Although there is not much thing to worry about your heath while traveling Canada since the country provides good medical services. In simple words, medical services in Canada are worth mentioning. But be sure to carry your insurance ID card and emergency numbers with you when you visit.

Considering about the medical assistance in Canada, Canadian hospitals & medical services provide exceptionally good standard of care. Most of the hospitals in Canada are publicly managed with costs for services set by provincial & hospital authorities. For the non residents of Canada, the hospital care is charged at everyday rate on the basis medical condition as well as length of stay. However, charges may vary according to the country and it ranges from $1,000-$2,000 CDN a day. Hospital emergency rooms are open 24 hours for emergency care. This shows how medical services in Canada prove to exceptionally good.

Almost all the cities in Canada have walk-in clinics where non-emergency treatment or consultation is available without an appointment. However, changes may vary from one clinic to another clinic and the medical attention required. In fact you can say, Canadian medical services are excellent but travelers must bring along prescription medications they think they will require during their visit to Canada. Visitors can find pharmacies easily accessible throughout Canada. Almost all the big cities have at least one 24-hour pharmacy operation.

Besides the above mentioned medical services in Canada, you will discover that most of the Canadian cities have 911 emergency services. In an emergency, you can reach police, fire or ambulance services by dialing 911 on any telephone. If this service is not available you can dial "0" for the operator and ask for police, fire or ambulance service. There is no charge for emergency calls placed from a public pay phone. Moreover, no special immunizations or vaccinations are required to visit Canada. If you're traveling with children, it's always a good idea to ensure they are up-to-date on routine childhood immunizations before international travel.

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