Things To Do In Canada

Canada is a vast and diverse country, there are many things you can do while traveling this country. Given in this article are some of the top things to do in Canada.

Taking train ride through the Canadian Rockies – This is one of the best things to do in Canada. You can sit in the Rocky Mountain train and see a lot while traveling. VIA Rail provides service from Toronto - Winnipeg - Saskatoon - Edmonton to Jasper in the Rocky Mountains or from Vancouver to Jasper. However, the Rocky Mountain Rail Tour Company will carry you from Vancouver to Banff and to Calgary.  The company also provides a service called the “Canadian Rockies Highlights” which comprises of 5 nights and 6 days on the train.

Whistler Blackcomb – This is one of the largest ski and snowboard resorts in the world. Skiing in Canada has become synonymous with the words "Whistler Blackcomb”. It provides snow sports on 8,000 acres of terrain. You can enjoy skiing at this place. Besides this one can also enjoy Whistler Village's charm and have a pleasant stay in the high quality hotels and great restaurants in this place. This in fact is one of the fun things to do in Canada.

Taking wine tour in the Okanagan – One of the great things to do in Canada is to take a tour in the Okanagan Valley. The arid climate as well as terraced landscape of this Valley makes it a great place or region for wine production. There are also wine festivals and tasting abound this region as well as visitors are welcome at most wineries for tours and tasting. Taking a tour in this valley will enable to see the entire process of winemaking, from crushing to labeling.

Quebec Winter Carnival – The other great things to do in Canada is to watch the Quebec winter carnival. This carnival is the world's largest winter celebration, and the third biggest carnival. This carnival is held annually from the end of January for 2 and half weeks. It attract and charms many people around the globe to experience snow baths, night parades, slide runs, ice fishing, concerts, snow sculptures, horse-drawn sleigh rides, husky powered dogsled rides, Ice Tower and skating.

Watching polar bears at Churchill – While exploring Canada, one can go to the Manitoba and get a glimpse of polar bears at Churchill. It can be one of the great activities to do in Canada. Every year around September the small, northern Manitoba town of Churchill on the edge of Hudson's Bay welcomes its furry white visitors - Polar Bears. The bears move between the ice and the land during this time and pass by the town making polar bear watching tours possible.

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