Weather In Canada

When we look Canada in the map, the country stretches from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean covering six of the world’s 24 time zones. So the weather in Canada widely depends on where you are. Across such a vast landscape temperature and climate varies dramatically. In May alone, you can ski the Olympic-caliber mountain terrain of the west coast or attend the world's largest tulip festival in central Canada. No matter when you visit, the weather conditions in Canada seem always pleasant. In simple words Canada's seasons offer dramatic displays of color and vibrant life.

Canada weather or season usually comprises of spring, summer, fall and winter. Spring season usually begin from the late February on the west coast. About the weather of Canada during this season, the temperatures in Canada warm up in early April and the pleasant spring weather extends to June. During this season you can head towards north of Canada for a dog sledding adventure, paddle remote coastal waters or can enjoy a walk through the wonderland of cherry flowers denoting in bloom.

The climate in Canada during summer season is usually hot. The summer season in Canada arrives in June and it last till the month of August. More often the month of July is the hottest of summer month. The weather in Canada during this season is hot and is the prime time of year to go out to a wilderness lodge. In this season you can enjoy fishing. However, during the fall season the weather in Canada is usually cool and pleasant temperatures. The season stars from the month of September and last until October. It is the best time to enjoy long hikes in the crisp air. You can visit world-class museums and galleries, or else can enjoy the spotlight at the Toronto International Film Festival.

After the fall season arrives the winter season. The winter season usually begins from month of October and last until the late March in the east. About the weather in Canada, during this season its cold and snowfall starts in late October temperatures generally go below the freezing point. However, winters are much milder on the west coast, where if any snow falls, it doesn't stay long, and golfers have been known to hit the links year-round. Canadian winters offer ideal conditions for dream ski vacations. In winter, you can experience a host of winter festivals and ice carnivals, and the chance to glide along the world's largest skating rink, the Rideau Canal.

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